Hi-Tech Hyper-Partisan Gerrymandering on Trial in Wisconsin

"The maps will determine who is here 10 years from now," said one GOP aide.

Voter Suppression Measures on Trial in Walker's Wisconsin

The second day of a trial over measures implemented by Wisconsin's GOP to restrict voting rights in the state commenced Tuesday in Madison.

Koch Candidates? Where Is the Koch Machine Spending in 2016 So Far

The Center for Media and Democracy uncovers the races the Koch machine is backing, as the billionaire brothers' PR machine plants "news" about their "re-aligning" away from electoral politics. Here's part of the real story.

Kochs' Grassroots Leadership Academy Training Astroturf Army

The Koch brothers have turned their attention to races for the U.S. Senate, U.S. House and state governorships.

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There is a "sucker punch" aspect of this entire episode, that has been used in the past, that makes it doubly despicable. The now dead open records issue was so completely outrageous and unexpected that it served its intended purpose – to draw attention away from the many other very contentious and controversial aspects of this budget. And that was exactly what Walker and the majority Republicans wanted to happen.

--Jay Heck, Common Cause in Wisconsin

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